Google Analytics

Learn more about the visitors that complete Goals on your Website

About the post Just like in the previous entry, we will be using R to access our school’s Google Analytics data through their API. In this post, I want to highlight how we can figure out when a vistor to our website completes our a goal on our site. In my case, I am interested in learning more about how, and when, prospective students (and/or parents) complete our information request form.

Use R to Analyze Google Analytics

I long have wanted to post about the things I am doing with R and Google Analytics for my division, so I was very excited to see that tonight’s #emchat is on web analytics. This post will be more on the technical end, but I wanted to highlight what’s possible beyond the basic point-and-click interface in Google Analytics. Why do this post? Google, as well as other vendors, provide APIs to our web data.