Higher Education

Use R to Model Enrollment Yield

This repo contains the code to replicate the Scannel and Kurz Post on why huge swings in app growth might not always be good for Enrollment Managers. One important note. I have no affiliation with S&K. I simply wanted to build upon a common idea and produce code so others can run and build upon this very important concept in Enrollment Management. About I have been collecting and analyzing data along the lines of the S&K and post for a while now, but they beat me to the punch and did a great job highlighting an important point.

My Thoughts on Enrollment Science

TLDR; Enrollment Science is my attempt to relate the emerging role of Data Scientists to Enrollment Management Divisions within Higher Education. Let’s get real. Higher Ed is BIG business, and it’s about time that we start to embrace advanced techniques (i.e. the methods industry has been using for many years now) in order to be more efficient. We need to think differently about how we run our organizations, and in my opinion, it starts with the principles of Enrollment Science.