Python Development with Rstudio using Reticulate

I have been diving back into python a bit lately, and admittedly, I have yet to find a tool that fits my workflow similar to that of R and Rstudio. There are all sorts of tools out there, but in the end, it feels like I am fighting the tool, not my code. To be honest, I really like using VSCode for other projects, but I feel like this product is aimed more at developers working on large applications, not data scientists.

Environment Variables in RStudio on Mac

I recently asked a question on Stack Overflow on the best way to set environment variables on a Mac for use within an RStudio session. It wasn’t as straightforward as I would have thought, so I wanted to share this quick post as a way to remind my future self of a quick way to solve the issue. Overview Generally, you can set environment variables by: export YOUR_VAR=abc123 within a terminal.